Grant Writing

Workshop Description

Writing a successful research proposal requires strong research skills, content knowledge, writing proficiency, and organizational ability. The workshop Grant Writing provides doctoral candidates with the background, skills, and key steps necessary to develop a competitive funding proposal. Developing a strong research idea and understanding the elements of a proposal package is as important as knowing how to create impact and strengthen the project’s potential. By writing and reviewing typical grant components, participants learn how to outline a grant proposal from start to finish.



  • Know how to develop, organize, and outline a research grant proposal
  • Understand the essential components of a grant proposal package 
  • Be able to write a compelling abstract


The online workshop combines a set of self-studies (Vimeo videos), writing exercises, partner/small group work, and online presentations/open discussions via video conferencing (Zoom). In addition, copies of research proposal checklist, writing guideline, list of useful phrases, and various sample abstracts will be provided (Dropbox).


Target group

Doctoral students with no or little experience in writing research proposals



Participants should think about a possible topic for a research application (now or in the future) and should bring their current or past proposal (if they have such) as well as their laptop computer with any operating system for writing exercises.