Scientific Writing & Publishing

Workshop Description

The workshop Scientific Writing & Publishing covers the basics of scientific writing and publishing. Writing a successful research paper requires research and content knowledge, writing strategy as well as language proficiency, organizational ability, patience, and confidence. This course provides young scientists with the background and skills necessary to develop and submit a clearly articulated and qualitatively compelling scientific manuscript. Participants learn how to write a scientific paper and how to deal with the comprehensive publication process.



  • Understand successful science writing techniques
  • Know how to plan, organize, and outline papers
  • Be able to write a compelling abstract
  • Know how to submit and publish papers
  • Understand journal editorial processes



The online workshop combines a set of self-studies (Vimeo videos), writing exercises, partner/small group work, and online presentations/open discussions via video conferencing (Zoom). Handouts such as IMRaD and manuscript checklists, guidelines, recommendations for writing style, and various samples will be provided (Dropbox).